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In his many years working with leaders in all stages of their careers, Shane has seen a common thread: they want to be part of something bigger than themselves and leave a lasting legacy. As a nationally recognized speaker, a working executive and an advocate for conscious leadership, Shane helps business professionals reach a higher level of fulfillment professionally and personally by authentically and intentionally leading with a true purpose.  

Through a mix of personal anecdotes and actionable insights, Shane also empowers audiences to build and maintain strong cultures in their organizations, designed to support and nurture the business during both good times and bad, and while enduring business realities such as planning, growth management and leadership development. 


In the meantime, explore Shane’s latest articles and interviews for leadership insights and inspiration.


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Featured Speaking Engagement

Conscious Capital CEO Summit

“Leveraging Influence for Good”

“Health Connect South was honored to have Shane Jackson lead the panel discussion on The Future of the Healthcare Workforce at our 9th annual gathering. Very few people have the depth and breadth of insights into the national workforce trends in healthcare as Shane and Jackson Healthcare.”

Russ Lipari, Founder & CEO, Health Connect South

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“Shane had real practical examples of how concepts come to life in real life scenarios. Some speakers pontificate and talk more theory than action. He gave examples that anyone, in any industry, would experience.”

Be Worth Following* Podcast Listener

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“I believe every major business conference needs Shane Jackson as a keynote. He brings a powerful message about the urgent need for leaders to bring intentionality to managing the culture within their organizations. He brings passion, authenticity and insights that are sorely needed in today’s business environment.”

Randy Groomes, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

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“Shane’s keynote at the Alpharetta Business Summit was exceptional. His insight into fostering a strong workplace culture deeply resonated with the 180+ executives present, and he offered invaluable lessons that are applicable to businesses nationwide.”

Ted Schwartz, Chairman, Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce 

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“Shane tailored his presentation to be highly relevant to our audience and the Georgia Center for Nursing Excellence Summit, keeping attendees hooked by weaving personal stories and actionable takeaways throughout his message. I’d love to have Shane speak again!”

Patricia Horton, CEO, Georgia Center for Nursing Excellence

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