Hosted by Shane, Fostering Conversation features accomplished leaders and insightful conversations about leadership, culture, values, purpose and life. The series offers unique perspectives from executives across various industries as they candidly share personal stories about the path they’ve traveled, lessons learned and the “why” behind how they operate.

Andrew Wexler, CEO of Herschend Enterprises

Episode 1: In Episode 1 of the three-part series, Shane and Andrew Wexler, CEO of Herschend Enterprises, discuss Herschend’s unique origin story and why Andrew credits the company’s tremendous success to a word that isn’t used in business very often: “love.”

Episode 2: The candid conversation continues between Shane and Andrew, in part two of this series. When Shane asks Andrew to talk about a challenging life experience that most shaped him into the leader he is today, Andrew reflects on lessons he learned during his childhood and shares how these past experiences influence his current-day approach to business.

Episode 3: The third and final installment in this series includes advice that’s valuable for all professionals. Andrew talks about the importance of sustainability and balance in business and shares what other leaders can glean from Herschend’s unique approach to long-term success.

Jeff Schiefelbein, Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer of 5

Episode 1: Shane sits down with Jeff Schiefelbein, co-founder and chief culture officer at 5, as Jeff candidly shares what he calls “the worst moment” in his life and how spending a night in jail served as an unexpected catalyst to discovering his purpose

Episode 2: The conversation between Shane and Jeff continues as they address an all-too-common question: how can I make time for what matters most? In this episode, Jeff shares how he balances his responsibilities as a company leader with a busy family life and strong commitments to faith and community — and why businesses benefit when people take time to fuel their personal passions.

Episode 3: Shane and Jeff’s conversation comes to a close with powerful insights about being intentional and present in all aspects of life – an approach that Jeff calls living an “undivided life.”

Heather Fortner, CEO of SignatureFD

Episode 1: Heather and Shane reflect upon some of the personal stories and lessons that have shaped them as leaders and champions of workplace culture, including Heather’s insight into how to live “net worthwhile.”

Episode 2: In episode two, Heather shares with Shane how she responds when life doesn’t go as planned – and candidly reflects on her own struggles to grow her family.

Episode 3: In a powerful final episode, Heather talks with Shane about what it’s like to oftentimes be the only woman in the room and how she overcame personal challenges to carve a path to leadership.


Episode 1: Shane Jackson welcomes Wonya Lucas – CEO of Crown Media Family Networks and the niece of Hank Aaron – as she shares her unique perspectives on leadership and culture.

Episode 2: Shane and Wonya’s discussion centers around a philosophy that’s as valuable in the workplace as on the baseball field — focus on the season, and not just on a single game. Wonya comes by this advice as the niece of Hank Aaron and daughter of the first African American general manager in baseball, Bill Lucas.

Episode 3: In the final episode of Shane and Wonya’s discussion, Wonya — who is the niece of Hank Aaron — talks about leadership lessons through the lens of baseball.